General Membership Meeting June 5


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Join us for our General Membership Meeting!
June 5th – 9:30 am
Bengel Wildlife Center  –  Bath, MI   (near Lansing).

The center is operated by the Michigan Wildlife Conservancy.
We will be meeting in the DeVlieg Conservation Hall.

See the facilities

Click or tap for THE MAP – your journey awaits!

We are thrilled to announce that our
featured presenter will be Peter Sinclair!

Peter Sinclair filming glacial melt-water in Greenland

Peter Sinclair filming glacial melt-water in Greenland

Sinclair is a videographer and founder of   He also writes for Yale Climate Connections an initiative of Yale University’s Center for Environmental Education. News outlet Treehugger called Sinclair “The sharpest climate change denial debunker on youtube”.
Registration begins at 9:30 am. The meeting will end around 4:00 pm.
We hope you can make it for the whole day, but better late than never!
Feel free to walk in any time between 9:30 and 4:00
Lunch is at noon. 


Inventor Brad Kallio presenting at the 2015 GMM

Inventor Brad Kallio at the 2015 GMM


This is a pot-luck-lunch event. Please bring a dish to pass. 
For those unfamiliar with the custom, the pros often bring well prepared items in crock pots or dishes, but if that sounds intimidating just grab something simple like a snack tray at a grocery store. Don’t panic. It’s just lunch.



Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear presenting at the 2015 gmm

Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear at the 2015 GMM

We raise funds at this event through a silent auction.
Please consider bringing useful or entertaining things to donate. It’s really a lot of fun. Last year’s auction included a solar oven! Selected items will be sold in a live “not-so-silent” auction, hosted by our joyous and perennial auctioneer Stas Yascolt. We hope you’ll join in the fun of bidding!
The dish to pass for lunch and a donation to the auction are the suggested admission for this event, and we hope those who are able will embrace their communal nature. BUT, If all you have is the shirt on your back and a love for the Earth in your heart, please don’t let anything stop you from attending. We know the feeling and we will bring extra soup.


approximate schedule:

10:00 : Climate Change Update 2016 – Peter Sinclair

12:00 : potluck lunch (please bring a dish to pass)

1:00 :  board of directors election

2:00 : not-so-silent auction

3:00 : short film – The Last Farmer in Fukushima

4:00 : See ya later!
Walk the grounds if you want.
The trails through the wildlife center are open until dusk!

Keep checking for updated information! 

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Chernobyl Photos On Display in Detroit

chernobyl gym

On this 30th anniversary of the onset of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe, the Alliance To Halt Fermi-3 (ATHF3), in association with the Swords Into Plowshares Peace Center and Gallery (33 East Adams, Detroit, MI) is proud to announce the opening of “Chernobyl + 30: Half-Lives, Half-Truths” by photojournalist Gabriela Bulisova. The display will begin on Friday, May 27th, 2016 from 6 PM until 9 PM and extend into Summer 2016.

Ms. Bulisova traveled to the region in the 2000’s and captured startling images of Chernobyl landscapes and the affected population. Her artist statement and captions, coupled with the photos, reflect the story not only of an environmental and human health disaster, but also of a monstrous event resulting in an enormous psychological toll on millions of people.

“Alliance To Halt Fermi-3 is profoundly grateful to the Swords Into Plowshares Peace Center and Gallery for giving us the opportunity to display Gabriela Bulisova’s extremely powerful work,” said Keith Gunter, Co-Chair of ATHF3. “This will be a tremendous opportunity for Detroiters to have a long look at what the after effects of a nuclear meltdown look like.”
chernobyl wierd chair
Carol Izant, the Alliance’s other Co-Chair, added “This exhibit should give residents of this area reason to pause and think, since a partial meltdown occurred at Detroit Edison’s Fermi-1 reactor on October 5, 1966. We’ve already had our own close call.”

Admission to the exhibit will be free, and will include a display addressing the situation at Chernobyl as it stands three decades later. “Chernobyl + 30” will open simultaneously at the Gallery with another exhibit addressing the compelling issues surrounding drones.

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One Trillion Tax Dollars for Nuclear War

While debate rages over domestic spending, the US government is quietly planning to blow $1,000,000,000,000 updating their ability to lay waste to all life on Earth.

[From the Arms Control Association (ACA)]
“Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work testified to the House Armed Services Committee on June 25, 2015 that “modernizing and sustaining” the nuclear arsenal will cost an average of $18 billion per year between 2021 and 2035 in FY 2016 dollars. When combined with the cost to sustain the current arsenal as the new systems are built, this will roughly double spending on nuclear weapons.”

The old models are just so.... 80's

The old models are bad enough

The Obama administration has requested massive increases for nuclear weapons programs. Current and proposed spending levels currently exceed what the administration originally claimed they would be.

In fact, president Obama’s FY 2016 request for nuclear weapons programs at the Energy Department is roughly $3.5 billion more than President Bush’s final budget request.

Thanks, Obama.

The update will include Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs), Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missiles (SLBMs), strategic bomber aircraft, modernized strategic delivery systems, refurbishing nuclear warheads, modernizing the production complex, and updating command and control systems. Pretty much everything you’d need to wipe small planet of all life, turning a once shimmering biosphere into a charred powdery remnant of human shame.

Hiroshima after the bomb

Hiroshima after the bomb

“The Air Force is planning to purchase 80-100 new, dual-capable long-range penetrating bombers that will replace the B-1 and B-52 bombers. Known as the LRS-B, the Pentagon estimates the average procurement unit cost per aircraft will be $511 million in 2010 dollars when procuring a 100 aircraft. The Obama administration asked for $1.2 billion for the program in FY 2016. The Air Force plans to spend $41.7 billion over the next ten years on research and development for the new bomber (in then-year dollars).” [ACA]

For all the details visit: the Arms Control Association 

Keep reading:
Hiroshima: Breaking the Silence” by Howard Zinn with an introduction by Yuki Tanaka

Nuclear Darkness: The Deadly Cost of a Nuclear War



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Still Denying Climate Change? – opinion

As of today, those among us who still deny climate change are farther behind the curve than Fox News.


by Wes Raymond – CACC administrator

A recent study published by the journal Nature warns that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet could collapse, potentially raising sea levels by 30 feet as soon as 2100, and more than 50 feet over the next 500 years. The authors attribute ice collapse to warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions. For many of us, this information is filed under “things we’ve been trying to tell people about since 1986”, and the real story is how Fox News came out of left field and published an article about climate science that’s…. well… true.

Check it out here 

Of course, a little ink is still wasted on ridiculous “skepticism”, but it’s relegated to a short paragraph all the way at the bottom. Progress? Maybe.

I fear as climate awareness grows, the absence of a debate turned media circus over climate will force the issue to the back burner in the election. (An election that is, of course, monopolizing everyone’s attention and energy.) Also, acceptance of a problem does not preclude actually doing something about a problem. American absurdism could keep the GHG tap on for quite some time if left to its own devices. It’s up to us to keep the reality of humanity’s relationship with the biosphere at the forefront of all discourse, political and otherwise.


west antarctic ice sheet 1






location and size of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet

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