Volunteer At Wheatland!


The CACC Kitchen

We’re always looking for people who are interested in joining the volunteer corps to help with our kitchen at the Wheatland Music Festival.


Volunteers at this event initially buy a festival ticket from CACC for $65, then receive $50 back after working a six hour shift. In the end, you get three days of music, fun and camping for $15 !

Come join the fun!


Proceeds from the kitchen work to fund CACC throughout the year, and support our primary mission objective: to provide Citizens with environmental education, information and connections that lead to action.


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***Communications ALERT***


UPDATE: The @caccmi.org email server is working again. For now. Please continue to be advised of these alternative contacts for CACC communications. The emailcacc@gmail.com address will be checked for incoming mail indefinitely. Feel free to write to that address.


We are having some technical difficulties with the caccmi.org email system. If you are trying to contact CACC, please do so using the following means:

1. email to emailcacc@gmail.com

2. If you are a facebook user, please join the CACC fb groups.
There is a general communications platform group
and a group specifically for Wheatland volunteers.
(Wheatland volunteers are encouraged to join both groups)

3. telephone 989.544.3318
The office is generally open during business hours on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as we can.

Please continue to try various ____@caccmi.org addresses. They will hopefully work again soon, and seem to be working intermittently.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause, and hope we’ll all still be able to reach each other sufficiently through these alternative means. Stand by for further updates.

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Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump!

Nuclear waste burial site proposed at the Bruce Power Station in Ontario, on the shore of Lake Huron 



The proposed nuclear waste deep-burial site would be less than 3/4th of a mile from the shore of Lake Huron.

The Bruce Power Station is the largest nuclear power facility in the world

The Bruce Power Station is the largest nuclear power facility in the world

For details on this issue see:
this media release from Beyond Nuclear

Watch this video to get a sense of the enormity of the Bruce site

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